Flashmob des Berliner Staatsballett


On March, 3rd 2011, at 5 pm at the main station in Berlin an unusual performance catched the attention of the travelers at the station! The event allowed Vladimir Malakhov and his company, the staff of the Staatsballett Berlin and the ballet and dancing schools to promote the new dance piece “OZ – The Wonderful Wizard” by Giorgio Madia.

On March 12th 2011 the Staatsballett Berlin-world premiere about the fantastic journey of little Dorothy took place at Komische Oper Berlin.

The performance at the main station was choreographed extra for this event by Giorgio Madia. The young dancers learned it at home by video or at their ballet and dancing schools.

Dead drops by Aram Bartholl


In a context of ways of communication and social relationships the “Dead Drops” movement is born. The Berliner artist Aram Bartholl placed on October 2010 5 pen drives in the city of New York and since then there are more than 700 (2200 GB) around the world. The documentary “Wall 2.0” reflects the action of inserting the “Dead Drops” movement in Bilbao. It also has an interview with Aram Bartholl and testimonies of people around the world who wanted to expand the movement.